The WomanHOOD Project is an after school mentorship program for young women of color in the Bronx. Our mission is to celebrate womanhood through racial and gender justice. 

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Our Core Values

Reproductive Justice activist Loretta Ross defines the term Woman of Color as an expression of “solidarity between ‘non-white’ women who are committed to working in collaboration with other oppressed women of color who have been “minoritized’.” Because women of color are underrepresented, misrepresented and unsupported throughout the social and political sphere, The WomanHOOD Project believes we need to center the experiences women of color in every aspect of our organization. This is a project for us, by us, and about us. We strive to build a community that is representative of the vast experiences and identities of women of color including but not limited to ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, ability, educational experience, class, citizenship status, and spirituality.

Center Women of Color

The WomanHOOD Project is non-hierarchical. We believe that every member of our organization has equal ownership over this project; staff, mentors and mentees alike. We are a space where staff and mentors can share, support each other and grow together as we promote this same type of development among the young women immersed in our leadership program. Learning within the WomanHOOD Project is not limited to academic knowledge; we believe in the power of oral traditions, visual arts, music, and poetry to teach us about ourselves and our history. 

Collective Learning

The WomanHOOD Project is comprised of young women ages 16-30. We support the brilliance and dedication of young women of color who go unheard due to their age. We believe that the only responsible answer to the question, “who is most knowledgeable about the experience of being a young woman of color?” is undoubtedly ourselves.

Youth Activism

We believe that every community has the right to identify and work internally to fight against the injustices it experiences. As a Bronx-based organization, The WomanHOOD Project is anchored by our home community. The work we do is shaped by the needs and demands of the Bronx as defined by its residents.

We hold ourselves accountable to the community we are a part of. We understand that we do not speak for all women of color and any expression of solidarity requires a willingness to learn from our mistakes. We welcome and value critique from fellow women of color and from our community.

Community Self-Empowerment

Community Accountability